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[caption id="attachment_4353" align="alignnone" width="300"]Reflexology reflexology[/caption]   THE WHATS AND WHYS OF REFLEXOLOGY !!! I was once told that "Reflexology is a guaranteed method of relaxing the body" Basically reflexology is the art of using massage techniques and gentle pressure on different parts of the body ( usually the feet ) It is based on the idea that various points on the area being massaged correspond to other parts of the body and are  linked by nerves and lines of energy. Particular movements on the balls of your feet might stimulate the lungs, or massaging the tips of the toes can affect the nose and sinuses. This stimulation can then  relax corresponding parts of the body  helping increase blood flow and  unblock nerve impulses thus promoting healing of the body. Reflexology is certainly more than just a foot massage! It may sometimes be a little painful when congested reflex areas are treated.However, as the condition improves with each sessions, so will the soreness on the corresponding reflexes. Reflexology can  help  aspects of our health including -reducing stress -relaxation -improve circulation -restore healthy sleep patterns -help digestive problems -back/shoulder/neck pain -reduce migraines -balance blood pressure -stimulate nerve function -ease muscular tension -enhance medical care   With Reflexology the benefits are endless !!!   A Clinical Reflexologist is ALSO trained in Reflexology for -Fertility -Pregnancy -Palliative Care -Children's Health -Women's Health -Men's Health -Stress   ** NEPIP is an advanced Reflexology treatment highly effective in helping stress & anxiety. Exclusively performed by level 5 practitioners **   I liked this short video on Reflexology and the internal organs. A REFLEXOLOGY TREATMENT IS UNIQUE FOR EVERY PERSON BECAUSE EVERY PERSON IS UNIQUE !

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