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Law of Attraction (LOA) is one of the most powerful laws of the universe and is becoming increasingly recognised today.. It is not a man-made rule but a ‘law’ just like the Law Of Gravity or the Law Of Cause And Effect ( sometimes known as Karma ). From the sky above to the ground below our feet, our lives are governed by these laws.Simply put, LOA states that whatever you focus on, think about, and talk about with intensity, you will attract more of the same into your life. Therefore, if you have a negative mindset, you will attract more negativity into your life in the form of people, events and experiences, and you will remain under that cloud of negativity. However, if you live and focus on positive thoughts,words and actions you will live what I call a life in a 'virteous circle' ( as opposed to a vicious circle)You will attract more people, events and experiences into your life and  you will find a way to achieve your goals – with life changing results. While all this is happening you are feeding your positivity thus attracting more to be positive about....your virteous circle. How Can Law of Attraction Coaching Help?
  • Help you set goals that will become your focus.
  • Help you understand what you want from life and what might be holding you back.
  • Help you ‘clean up’ your negative thinking and start attracting what you really desire.
  • Help you ‘ooze’ positivity so you become a magnet for good in your life.
  • Help you become more ‘mindful’, which creates an awareness of your feelings, thoughts and actions.
  • Help you create abundance in all aspects of your life... In your career, finances, health and relationships.
As a Law of Attraction Coach, I will place more importance on your thoughts, feelings, words and actions, as these have a profound effect on what you manifest in life. Since ‘like attracts like’, a Law of Attraction Coach will help you see how you are either sabotaging your success or how you can use the Law of Attraction to create something your heart desires.     WHAT IS PSYCH-K Psych-k is a set of principles and balancing processes designed to change these Limiting Beliefs at a subconscious level ( where they have possibly  been 'living'since childhood ) PSYCH-K  helps rewrite our negative limiting beliefs into positive, supportive, self empowering beliefs. My training as a PSYCH-K facilitator complements my Law Of Attraction sessions as I can use this modality to help balance out some of the Limiting Beliefs my client may hold since childhood. Limiting Beliefs can  prevent us from from using the Law Of Attraction in its entirety to improve our lives. We may be feeling as though there is always something holding us back. We may be suffering with 'Imposter Syndrome' believing we don't deserve success in our relationships, our health, our career or indeed ( and more common ) in our finances. Our Limiting Beliefs can keep us in a negative state of mind, causing us to attract more negative people, events and experiences  into our lives.  
These balances are the processes used to change ( reprogram )  subconscious beliefs, and involve a combination of body postures, movement and breathing. They are simple, effective, non evasive and suitable for people of all capabilities. By using the process of Psych-K you can achieve a lot of personal change in a very short period of time. The PSYCH-K balancing session would involve;
  1. Testing your current beliefs about yourself using muscle testing
  2. Using PSYCH-K balancing processes we will "reprogram"these beliefs
  3. Retest this belief again using muscle testing to check if you have actually reprogrammed your subconscious mind
  4. Make an action plan to go forward
In short  - if you would like to experience change in your life, in order to achieve the dream life you seek in your health, your finances, your career or your relationships then Psych-K can help.      

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